Welcome to The Olson Band Official Website! The Olson Band is a Country/Rock Band that originated in 2013, based in Olympia Washington.  


Making Moves 

This month we added another person to the band!  Michael Arms will now be playing guitar, fiddle, and keys with us and we couldn't be more excited.  America's Got Talent also called us up out of the blue the other day and let us skip the first round of auditions up in Tacoma and we auditioned yesterday for the second round.  The judges said that we did "excellent" and they want us to shoot a few more videos for them to see before they decide who goes onto TV in two weeks!  Make sure you check out the schedule and come see a show soon!  We have been booking a lot of shows lately :)  Thank you all for your continued support, God bless!

Happy Holidays 

Hope you all had a great holiday season!  Now it's time to sit back and watch our Seahawks win another Super Bowl! : )  We have been hard at work writing music and booking shows as always!  Make sure to head on over and check out the schedule that is getting larger everyday and see when we will be in your area.  There are too many to name them all here but we are playing all of the most fun fairs that we played last year with some new additions, playing a HUGE show at Beasley Coliseum, with a bunch of festivals and such and we aren't even halfway done booking for the summer.  

We have also been spending a lot of time recording 5 of our new songs with a Latin Grammy award winner who is helping us get the songs ready for the radio.  Other than that we have been filming for our music video for our song "My Santa Claus Wears Camoflage." this song has gotten us some recognition from Nashville and we are told that there is some interest from some "known" artists who may want to make a cut of the song.

Thank you all for the continued support,  Much love,
-The Bros

Here is a free download for our christmas song :)

New Drummer 

We have just brought a new drummer (Seth Bowman) on board after our last drummer, James Blackburn had to leave for a new job where he had to work 6 days a week.  We appreciate all the work James put in for the band but are very excited to have Seth in the band.  Seth has a lot of experience playing in bands and writing music and we can already tell that we are going to have a lot of fun with this guy at our shows.  Now that we have got a drummer again we are thinking of adding a few more instruments to the band for our larger shows that we have in the works this summer.  We can't make any announcements about what these venues are just yet because they are not completely locked down yet but I'll just say that we could use a few more musicians up there with us to fill up these stages! :)  We are going to keep on writing, recording, and playing music for you all to enjoy.  Keep rockin' out guys and remember you can listen to all our music on this site or spotify!

On the Radio! 

Our Sunrise Summer Tour is over and after months of playing 3 shows a week we are taking a break from that to concentrate on writing music, recording, and getting that music on the radio!  We just recorded our song "Everything" at Robert Lang's Studio in Seattle where greats like Nirvana and Dave Mathews have recorded their album.  It was quite the experience and we got a really great radio quality song out of it!  It is playing on Bull Country 99.5 in the Pullman WA area 3 times a day and we have got some air time in the Okanogan/Ferry WA area. It has been pretty fun listening to our song on the radio after all the work we have put into getting it there!  We are in the process of finishing some more tunes in the studio in Seattle and will hopefully have a whole professionally done CD soon with some of our new and older stuff.  Thank you all for your continued support!

Our one year anniversary 

It has been a year now since our band played their first show together!  It has been a great one and we have come a long way.  We appreciate all of your continued support and we can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

We just added a few things to our website store that you can buy online or at our shows. We have signed posters available in the store and brand new yellow tank tops with a new design that were a huge hit at our last show, when they were first available.  Also make sure to check out one of our newest releases on itunes called "When She Let Her Hair Down."

In the last couple days we have been writing a lot of new songs and we wrote one called "Caught in the Rain" that we have started to play at our shows that we really love.  We hope that you will be able to catch a show and listen to it but keep an eye out for a recording of it soon.

We are still showing all of our new songs to our connections that we have in L.A. and Nashville and they say they are waiting for the song that is going to be a sure fire hit.  Maybe it will be "Caught in the Rain" maybe the next one we write?  Who knows :) But we know it's coming. 

New Songs! 

We just returned from Nashville were we wrote a few songs that we are very happy with!!  Since we got back we are have been practicing with the band and taught them the songs and learned some new covers.  It feels great to be back at it with the band after James got his cast off from his broken finger.  Make sure you make a show sometime soon!!  
     Our trip to Nashville went really well and the publishing company we were writing with is talking about coming up to watch a show and hiring us on to write songs with them.  We were stoked to learn that they want us to keep the songs we write for our own album instead of trying to sell them to already established artists.  They want us to continue to write until we have a stockpile of songs with a few sure fire hits and then they are going to show all of that to Sony Records!

     We like where this is going!  Oh ya and we got hired to play at The Washington State Fair this year twice! Check the dates on the show tab!!  

     We are also very excited that we have been sponsored by Northwest Hydro Print based out of Montesano!  They Coated our speakers in Camo and engraved our band name into them also!  Make sure you hit them up with all your camo and laser engraving needs.  Camo Bands has also sponsored us and you can go to their website (http://camobands.com/) and get a 20% discount by typing in "Olsons2014" when you checkout!

    Luke has been busy recording our new tunes so be on the lookout for new releases and music videos.  Imperial Cymbals just reached out to us and is interested in sponsoring our drummer James Blackburn who just got our band's name on his kick drum!!  

    We can't wait for all the shows coming up and all the opportunities this summer will bring! 


The end of the school year is in sight for the bros!  Just a few more weeks and we'll be down in Nashville again.  Check the schedule out!  There are a ton of new shows that we have booked recently where we will be headlining for some big venue and fairs!!  Also check out some of our new tunes that we have been writing on the music tab.  Words cannot describe how ready for summertime we are.  Can't wait to have more time to write music and be playing huge shows!!!  Thank you to everyone who is out there sharing the word about our band, a bunch of the shows that we have booked have come from our fans who are out there telling people about our music!  We really appreciate you all.

Much love,
The Bros

Looking for a Sponsorship 

As the list of larger shows for this summer continues to expands with the addition of the Okanogan, Whitman, Clallam, and Yakima County Fairs we are realizing the need for a trailor to haul all of our equipment around!  We are searching for someone who would want to front the money and have their company logo on the side of the trailor that would be seen everywhere our band went and everywhere we play!  Sounds like a good deal to us ;)  We recently played at the Grays Harbor Rodeo and had a very large rowdy crowd.. It was awesomeeee.  Summer is just around the corner along with lots of big things coming for the band!  Stay in the loop by following us on Facebook :)  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Olson-Bros-Band/143307939114922

Writing, Booking, and playing shows. 

We have been keeping very busy lately!  We wrote a new song called let your hair down that is on the website playlist.  It is one of our best songs yet so make sure you check it out!!  Lately we have been booking more big shows for the summer time, including a headliner spot at the Clallam county rodeo, Grays Harbor Rodeo, and the Whitman County Fair, with a few more in the works.  We also nailed down the dates that we will be going to Nashville to write with hit songwriter Brandon Kinney in May!  Lots of exciting things in the works! We will keep you in the loop!!!

Much love from - The Bros


We just got back from Nashville!!  The first night there we went downtown and saw all the live music and had some fun.  It was amazing to see all the talent and history in Nashville and to get our dance on!  The next day it was time for business and we spent the whole day with Tom Leis Music.  To start the day off we played a few of our songs for the people in charge of the company and they want to have us back in May to write with some songwriters that have written quite a few #1 hits!            After that we took a tour of Music Row and  saw where all the big country singers write songs and record their music.  The lady in charge told us that she was thinking of showing our song to Darius Rucker!!  Next we went to Oceanway Studios and met the guy in charge there and played him a few songs. Countless stars have recorded in this studio and They were recording for Shakira that night.   He thought that our songs were hits and we were told “when he gets bored he likes to start up people’s careers.”  Needless to say we are hoping that he gets bored soon. 
            The last stop on our consultation day was with a songplugger.  He takes songs and matches them with artists and after he heard the song “The Hardway”  he said he wished that he could pitch the song to Jason Aldean right away but we would need to work a contract out with the management first.
            At the end of a very good day we watched the Texaco Country Showdown live competition and got to have our picture taken with LeAnn Rimes and we played a few songs with the whole band at the after party in Margaritaville downtown!
            Thank you all again for voting for us in this competition and giving us a chance to win.  We are flattered by all of your support and love seeing you all at our shows.  We are always booking more shows so check out our schedule and see if you can make any of them :) You guys rock!!!

We are planning on recording a few songs in Nashville! We want to know what you think!

Thanks for voting!

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