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Christmas Break 

Isaac got off school for Christmas Break a few days ago and you know what that means!  More time for music.  The Olson Bros have been on the grind the past couple days putting the finishing touches on their album "Sunrise" and calling up all the fun venues they can think of to get more shows!  Take a look at the schedule and see just how many new shows they are lining up! It's pretty exciting stuff and they hope to see some of you there.
Yesterday Luke and Isaac were at the 96.9 KAYO radio station downtown Olympia being interviewed so make sure you are listening in because that interview should be playing along with our song Sunrise!
The Bros are still riding high from their win in the Showdown and just found out that they are flying out on the 15th of January.  While they are down in Nashville they will be talking to Tom Lei's Studio which specializes in helping songwriters make it in the industry, they will be attending the live competition where they will be announced as the winners of the contest and hopefully have their song played at the Ryman Auditorium, and they are in talks with 5B Artist Management about extending their trip to record some songs in a professional studio.
Thank you all for your continued support, we will keep you updated! :)


The Texaco Country Showdown Songwriting contest crowned a new national champion on November 25th 2013!  The Champion wasn’t from Nashville, Oklahoma, or Texas, the winners of the 2013 songwriters contest were The Olson Bros out of Olympia, Washington! The brothers, Isaac and Luke, composed the winning song “Sunrise” together this last summer. Sunrise won the National Contest where hundreds of songwriters competed throughout the USA for the title and grand prize.

The Olson Bros won $5000 and a trip to Nashville in January, where they will be introduced at the Texaco Country Live Showdown in Nashville and they will get to consult with professionals in the music industry.  The Olson Bros would like to thank their family, friends, and fans for taking the time to vote for their song, always believing in them, and for being the best!!!

“We will continue to keep you all updated everyday! But for now... we are gonna celebrate. WE’RE GOIN TO NASHVILLE!!!!!!” said Luke Olson.

The Olson Bros are Texaco Country Showdown National Finalists! 

The Olson Bros Band entered their original song "Sunrise" in the 2013 Texaco Country Showdown songwriting competition and won for the month of July! Their song is now in the running among 5 other monthly winners to win the grand prize (chosen by the judges) of $5000 and a trip to Nashville to consult with a big name record label! The grand prize winner will be announced near the end of THIS NOVEMBER so less than a couple weeks away! Sunrise is a feel good mainly acoustic guitar and mandolin song with awesome harmonies. You can check it out by watching the music video on youtube or purchasing the song on itunes! We all wish The Olson Bros Band the best of luck as this could be a huge breakthrough for them!
Here is the link to the Texaco competition the winner is announced on the 25th of November!
Texaco Country Showdown


We are planning on recording a few songs in Nashville! We want to know what you think!

Thanks for voting!

What is your favorite single off The Olson Bros Band's debut album?

Sunrise 453
Get Down To My Song 47
Brought My Guitar 4
The Hard Way 11
Another Beer 4
Big Ass Trout 11
Hit The Hay 11
Take Me Lady 3
I'm a Cowboy 7
Caught in the Rain (NEW) 118
Let Your Hair Down 26
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